Spirituality is a universal religion.  It represents
our connectedness to each other and our
oneness with the universe.  When we connect
with our inner spirit, and open our eyes, our
minds, and our hearts to being guided, we will be
led to the highest path, the path necessary for
us to take in order for us to grow, evolve, and
align with our destinies.  

Do you ever have a gut feeling pulling at you but
are not quite sure what it is?  It could be a sick
feeling in our bellies, a gut reaction to a person
we just meet, or an inner voice telling us that
fear or danger is lurking around the corner.  
This is our intuition, a powerful source of inner
wisdom.  We must heed this knowledge; not just
the inner voices but also the outward signs that
are constantly guiding us.  Did you know that
signs are all around us, every day?  In ancient
times, man was guided by symbolism in nature.  
Nowadays, we are so caught up in our busy
lives, attached to technology, running from work
to activities, leaving little time for us to slow down
and pay attention.  So here is your reminder...
When we remain open, the universe will guide
us.   The signs may be initials on a license plate
or numbers on a digital clock.  Are you seeing
things that have a particular significance to you?
 Pay attention.  Life speaks to us in whispers.  
Are you listening?