We all have the ability within us to push past
our physical limitations and achieve a higher
level of fitness... higher than we ever
thought possible.  My studio is designed as
a sanctuary for wellness, a peaceful
environment for physical exploration yet the
studio has an energy all its own.  When we
are at MASJAH, we are working hard, our
hearts are beating faster, we are building
strength, stamina, and endurance.  We
sweat, we laugh, we dance, we sing, we
visualize, we work out life's frustrations, we
join together in celebrating the human spirit
and the wonderful gift that allows us to move
freely and explore our physical bodies.  And
though our movement, we become
connected to our physical beings, and
through this connection can begin to
integrate the mind and spirit into our bodies.
 We create a oneness, a wholeness, that
creates an overall sense of well-being.  We
move to the rhythm of the music, we move
because the person next to us is peddling
harder, we move because we want to
challenge ourselves, we move because it
sets our spirit free, we move because we
are the most joyous when we are in motion.   
 "Movement never
lies. It is a
barometer telling
the state of the
soul's weather to all
who can read it."

~ Martha Graham