"It is the
supreme art of
the teacher to
awaken joy in
expression and

~ Albert Einstein
We create every day... Things that we don't
even stop to think about... A delicious meal for
our family, a beautifully kept home, an outfit
from our closet.... We are constantly creating in
little ways.  So when it comes to expanding our
creativity, why do we often feel blocked?...  In
order to be creative, we must feel inspired.  
Inspiration can only be born when we allow our
minds and our souls to be at rest from worry
and stress; we must allow ourselves to be
expansive, to open our minds and listen to the
little ideas that pop into our heads.  These
ideas are visions, and visions we can manifest.  
We are powerful creatures capable of creating
and manifesting abundance, freedom, dreams,
and anything we imagine.  Everything is
possible.  Take time everyday to feed your
creative side...whether it's creating a romantic
gesture for your companion, or creating a
peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your kids,
when you bring love and creativity together,
there is no determining how high you can
reach. If you are an artist, take time to paint.  If
you are a singer, sing.  If you are a dancer, be
sure to dance.  Take time to feed your passions
and soon you will be creating, manifesting, and
living a truly inspired life.